Small Caliber Ammunition Production

Cup, Case, Bullet, Primer production, Final Assembly (loading), QA & QC. Supporting calibers –9x19mm Ball, 5.56x45mm (M193 and M855), 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm (M80), 7.62x54mm, 12.7x99, 12.7x108.
• Small caliber ammunition (22lr to 12.7mm) market value was estimated ≈ 7.7 billion in 2019.
• Main industry driver is US Civil market, which annually consumes more than 8 billion rounds.
• Permanent part of Non-Standard ammunition and weapons procurements.
• Largest ammunition producers in the world are fully booked for the next 12 months (as of 2021).

12.7x99mm and 12.7x108mm Ammunition Production

Widespread caliber primarily used in US-made M2 Browning machine gun (12.7x99mm) and DSHK/NSV/KORD machine guns (12.7x108mm) which are mounted either on a tripod or on a Tank/armored vehicle (T64/T72/T80/T84/T90) either in open or remotely operated turret such as SAAB Track fire, Kongsberg Defense Protector, FN Defender and more.
• Part of 7.7 billion industry annually.
• Part of every NATO country's annual procurement.
• High demand in the Middle East on both versions.
• Production process shares some of small-caliber ammunition production machinery.

23x152mm Ammunition Production

23x152, Primary anti-aircraft gun ammunition for Ex-soviet and Warsaw pact countries –used in ZU-23-2 towed anti-aircraft gun, ZSU-23-4 Shilka SPAAG, and more. Still in active service around the globe.
• Permanent Part of non-standard ammunition and weapons programs.
• High demand in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

30x165mm and 30x173mm Ammunition Production

Though these products share the same diameter of the projectile 30mm –production-wise they are quite different. 30x165mm ammunition is used primarily for 2A42 or 2 A72 guns mounted BMP2, BPM3 IFV, BTR82, and more. While 30x173mm is used for NATO member states for Mauser Mk30 or Bushmaster II MK44 guns.
• Annual market for both calibers 20 + million.
• Future proof –both calibers will be in use for at least the next 20+ years.
• Cupping press from small-caliber ammunition can be used for manufacturing of cups of 30x173mm ammunition.
• Part of machinery for the production of 23x152mm ammunition can also be used for manufacturing 30x165mm ammunition.

S-8 Unguided Rocket Production

Widespread unguided rocket with lots of modifications such as S8KO/KOM/B/BM/D/DM/DF/OM/T/P/PM –most widely used ones are S8KO and S8KOM. It used to be a launcher from B8V20 or B8M1 launcher pads from all Ex-Soviet/Russian planes and helicopters: Mi8/17, Mi24/35, Ka50/52, Su24, Su25, Su34, and more.
• Being cheap and effective means it is often used for training and spent in large quantities.
• When technology Is obtained, you may also perform life extension services as well –which is needed every 10 years for missiles in many air forces, inventories with quantity more than 1000K.
• Annual market of 40 000 + units.

155mm Artillery Shells and Mortar Rounds Production

Product is in high demand in the Middle East
• Part of 5 billion annual sales, as of 2018 financial year.
• 100 000 + round a year consumption.
• Most recent contract Australia concluded with the USA for 132.2 million USD.
• Explosive filling plant used for 155mm HE rounds – can be utilized to the filling of 76mm, 105mm, 122mm, 130mm, 152mm, 155mm HE rounds and 60mm, 81mm, 120mm mortar bombs too.

338 LM and 308 Sniper Rifle Production

338 Lapua Magnum bolt action sniper rifles are the backbone of modern Special Forces for the army, anti-terrorism, security forces as well as one of the best-selling sniper rifles for civilian markets With years of teamwork and state of the art collaboration between constructors, technology partners, and army snipers, the team created the product which unites thee main statements: Precision, Durability, and Quality.
• A particular member of our bolt action family, chambered in 8.6x70 is capable to reach targets over 1500 meters.
• CCO is willing to cooperate with preferred partners in the transfer of key technology and the full turnkey program for 338 LM, as well as for 308 Sniper Rifles.

Explosive Reactive Armor Production

Explosive reactive armor – used most of the Eastern block and western MBT’s – M1 Abrams (TUSK kit), M2 Bradley, T64, T72, T80, T84, T90 and more With years of teamwork and state of the art collaboration between constructors, technology partners, and army snipers, the team created the product which unites thee main statements: Precision, Durability, and Quality.
• Modern Heavy versions react as on RPG as well as ATGM’s and APFSDS rounds.
• Constant business as it has to be changed every 10 years.
• Can be fitted to nearly every heavy and medium armored platform.
• High-profit margin.

Manned Mobility Systems Development and Production

Members of our R&D team have proven experience in developing various mobility systems from the scratch. CCO has the capability to support Customers in the new 4x4 and 8x8 armored vehicles development process.
• CCO team also has extended experience of dealing with APC (4x4) global sales with a proven success record.

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Systems Development and Production

Following extensively growing demand for robotics and remote operations, our team support Customers in designing and developing new, state of art 4x4 and 8x8 UGVs, with the following mission requirements:
• Logistical support and Evacuation,
• Patrolling,
• Surveillance and Target acquisition,
• Fire support.